Update 26.03.2020 und Smoking Barrel Weapon Pack

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    • Update 26.03.2020 und Smoking Barrel Weapon Pack

      Irgenwie kann ich keine Meldung zu dem neuen Update finden, also erstelle ich selber welche:

      Smoking Barrels Weapon Pack - Out Now!

      This smoking hot pack can now be purchased and is sure to provide both entertainment and enjoyment. Be it coughing your way through the smoke from the Hudzik .50 caplock Muzzleloader, or hearing that satisfying P-TING sound of the M1 Iwaniec Semi Automatic Rifle. Perhaps you want to face down a charging bear with the Miller Model 1891 10GA Lever Action Shotgun?

      For one week only, you can purchase this DLC and get 25% off!

      The pack contains:
      Hudzik .50 caplock Muzzleloader
      M1 Iwaniec Semi Automatic Rifle
      Miller Model 1891 10GA Lever Action Shotgun

      Patch Notes

      New Features:
      Added support for the new paid DLC - Smoking Barrels Weapon Pack

      Bug Fixes
      Fixed a common crash in multiplayer
      Fixed issue with some Water Buffalos missing Horn Length score
      Fixed issue where Water Buffalo’s horn diameter score was too high
      Fixed issue where value of spread was wrong for several TruRACS animals
      Fixed issue that made it impossible to press Save Harvest and Taxidermize buttons
      Fixed issue where mission-related animals in Layton Lake did not spawn
      Fixed issue with Cinnamon Teal not having its own sounds
      Fixed issue where Huntermate sometimes had no screen after changing reserve
      Fixed issue with one bear not changing position in the Bear Hug MTM
      Fixed issue that allowed to shoot bolt-action rifles without rechambering
      Fixed issue that caused various part of Hirschfelden have very few animals in them
      Fixed issue where the animals could not go to a big chunk of terrain in Yukon Valley
      Fixed issue that made deer hit reactions look very weird
      Fixed issue where the character’s breathing got extremely loud and choppy
      Fixed issue with Ibex footsteps being too loud
      Fixed issue where no empty casing was ejected after shooting from several guns
      Fixed issue with unlocalized text when creating a Multi Trophy Mount
      Fixed issue where Hunt Club was disabled when it should be enabled
      Various localization fixes and improvements
      Various crash fixes
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