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[CoTW] Patch 1.6



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Dienstag, 18. April 2017, 16:22

Patch 1.6

Zitat von »EW«

Hello Hunters,

We hope you’ve had a great Easter weekend with your family and friends. Hopefully you had time for some gaming as well. And as a belated Easter gift - here is Patch 1.6!

This week we've got some exciting fixes and new DLC in store for you (see separate post regarding the latter). As we mentioned in Patch 1.5, we pushed the 'Exit to main menu' button out a bit due to other fixes taking priority, but we're happy to announce that the option is now available in the game menu.

In previous patches we’ve put a strong focus on the stability and overall performance optimization of the game, and we will continue to do so. With great help from our community, we have tracked down and fixed an issue that would cause the scope zeroing of the .338 and 7mm rifles to be inaccurate when fired in crouched position.

Another issue we noticed is that the 'Death on spawn' bug was not fixed for all players after Patch 1.5 was released, as we continued to receive reports of it happening. This update should ensure that ‘Death on spawn’ is now part of history.

You can read the full list of fixes below - we look forward to reading your feedback and comments regarding the patch in the comment section and the dedicated feedback thread.

Happy Hunting!

theHunter: Call of the Wild Team


Added “Exit to main menu” button

Bug fixes

Fix for a bug that lead to player characters death when spawning into the game.
Fix for an issue that would cause .338 and 7mm rifles to not have a barrel opening to the bullet chamber
Fix for an issue with Cacciatore 12G that would cause momentary clipping when used with scopes
Fix for an issue with the gamekeeper shotgun that would cause it’s rail to not correctly follow when reloading
Fix for an issue with the huntermate in prone position that could cause it to momentarily “spin”
Fix for a bug where aiming with a scope while crouched was inaccurate for the .338, 7mm and shotguns.
Footprint clues will now properly show the approximate animal weight

Stability fixes

Fix for crash occurs when changing between windowed and full screen mode, or when alt-tabbing in and out of the game.
Fix for crash if you enter deep water
Fix for crash when starting a game after animal map content has changed
Fix for crash when leaving a dead animal on the ground and traveling far away from it
Fix for crash when bagging an animal in a multiplayer game

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Dienstag, 18. April 2017, 16:55

Dankeschön @-}--
"Als ich eine Hand suchte,fand ich eine Pfote"....Danke Jungs das es euch gibt :love:

"Löse dich von dem Gedanken immer kämpfen zu müssen.Denn was gut ist und zu dir gehört,bleibt.Was bei dir sein will,kommt freiwillig.Und was gehen will,geht sowieso"


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Dienstag, 18. April 2017, 17:30

Für ein reinen Hotfix aber schon massig an Daten :ROFL: :cool:
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Dienstag, 18. April 2017, 18:21

Hab Ingame bemerkt, dass man den Charakter gestalten kann... da dachte ich mir schon, dass da was passiert sein muss. :bravo:



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Dienstag, 18. April 2017, 19:08

Endlich geht zeroing , war schon am verzweifeln gerade auf großen distancen .